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LISM SuperSweat Abdominal Trainer

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Can’t find the time to hit the gym between work? Or is working from home giving you those extra pounds? Well, don’t worry, we have just what you might need to stay in best of shapes! Our SuperSweat abdominal trainer is a set of one abdominal belt, one arm sticker and one usb charging cable- a full set to keep you fit and fine. Designed with PET resin gel, this product will fit across genders and body size! Not only that, the best part is that you can wear this very stimulating yet comfortable abs trainer anywhere! Wear this while you are at home, or even at work- go running or go shopping- do absolutely anything you want and without any bit of extra effort the SuperSweat will keep you in shape. You don’t have to alter your schedule for the magic to happen. Just keep it on for 20 mins 1-2 times a day and that will be enough. Give your body a gift - choose the SuperSweat! 

  • Product type: Abdominal trainer.
  • Material: PET resin gel.
  • Brand Name: LISM
  • Age: Adult.
  • Size: 200*8 cm
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