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Sport Pioneer Anti- Gravity Inversion boots

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Planning to start the inversion therapy to give proper care to your back muscles? Or maybe,  suffering from back and joint pain in these times of constant work from home and thinking of giving inversion therapy a try? Well the Sport Pioneer Inversion Gravity Boots are here to provide you with all help you need regarding inversion therapy.  The Patent Certified gravity boots made of high strength aluminum and EVA foam, reverses the pressure of gravity, aiding your joints and ligaments along with your muscles . The gravity boots will help you improve your joint health, while reducing and eliminating your back pain . Along with that comes the added flexibility in your core, legs and back. One product to keep you fit and healthy at the same time- that's what these Gravity boots are. So, what are you waiting for? Grab one in the available color options of your choice and get ready to bid goodbye to back pain.

  • Brand Name: Sport Pioneer
  • Applicable Fitness Equipment: Leg and Belly
  • Material: High Strength Aluminum, EVA Foam
  • Color: Blue, Black
  • Size: 21*16*10cm
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