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FitMaster Smart Hip Trainer



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Ems is the new deal on the block! Lose weight like a pro and keep yourself in the finest shape without even having to do half the work- doesn’t that sound like a cool idea? To make you experience EMS we thus bring you The FitMaster- an ems machine for your abdomen, arms and legs. Unlike other slimming belts this actually gets the job done by working up your muscles without you having to put even half the effort. It is mainly a belt type machine that will hug your problem areas, send impulses through your muscles and work them up. It is 100% safe and scientifically designed keeping your safety in mind! So grab yourself the FitMaster today and be on your way to a fitter and happier life! 

  • Product type: EMS hip trainer
  • Teaching Mode: Book
  • Item type: Muscle Stimulator Hip Trainer
  • Power: 2*AAA Battery(Not included)
  • Application: For Abdomen, Arm and legs.
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