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No-pain Yoga fitness ball



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We all know the horrors of sore muscles after a good session of workout. So, we bring you the No-pain Yoga Fitness ball by Jocestyle.  The no-pain yoga fitness ball is an acupressure ball with spikes that work as a roller. It is based on reflexology and helps in nerve stimulation and circulation. This yoga fitness ball is ideal for relieving muscle soreness after a workout. The product's contoured shape with special pressure bobbles to target the trigger points in your feet. It also stretches out the arches to improve blood flow and work out muscle knots and tension. This light and flexible product can be carried anywhere and you can get its benefits anytime. Watching tv or working from home, you can always ease out pressure and stress while using this Ball simultaneously. Grab the No-pain Yoga ball right now and welcome yourself to a stress free and less fatigued world.

  • Brand Name: JOCESTYLE
  • Application: Foot Massager.
  • Product Type: Massage Ball.
  • Usage: Pain reliever. 

Colors: 5 types.

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