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TurboBuilt Cima Hand Grip Strengthener



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The key to be completely buffed lies in the grip of your own hands. And how to get better at that and simultaneously be ready for any arm-wrestling challenge? Well Cima brings you the TurboBuilt Hand Grip Strengthener that constantly helps you in getting that perfect grip ready to lift the heaviest of weights. The product subsequently builds your forearm muscles and provides you with the forearm strength that you have always dreamt of. An A - type gripper that works on the muscle relax apparatus; the product aims at giving you the ample amount of forearm workout that you need to be perfectly built at all places. Available in six different colors , you can also choose a matching gripper now with your gym get-up and be perfectly ready for the bigger challenges. Get yourself one today and get a step closer to the dream build of yours 

    • Brand Name: CIMA
    • Type: A Type Gripper
    • Function: Muscle Relex Apparatus
    • Strength: 5-60kg.
    • Increases Pain Endurance


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