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FlexiGrip Yoga hammock Fabric Swing



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Are you the acrobatic one who is finally looking to venture into Aerial dancing? Or are you one of those Yoga enthusiasts who think that they are finally ready to try aerial yoga? For all your wishes and queries, we present you the FlexiGrip Yoga hammock Fabric Swing.  The 5 meters complete hammock set comes in 20 color combinations, giving you all the variety that you want.  The fabric hammock helps you in practicing various asanas and dance positions. The product is also useful in staying in inversions to decompress your spine and perform various aerial yoga tricks. The combination of yoga and trapeze into one product makes you feel like you're flying gracefully. The FlexiGrip Yoga hammock Fabric Swing comes with 2 Carabiners and 2 pieces of 1.1 meter daisy chains that make it an easy set up . Completely assured of safety because of the Carabiners , grab this product today and venture out into the world of aerial yoga , aerial dance and acrobatics with full confidence .

  • Product type: Aerial hammock set
  • COLOR: 20 colors optional
  • Accessories 1: 2pcs carabiners
  • Accessories 2: 2pcs 1.1meters daisy chain
  • Size: 5 meters.
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